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Human Function and Performance



I have dedicated my life’s purpose to help motivated people like yourself redefine human function and performance.   It is my personal mission to help athletes, business professionals, and entrepreneurs understand how their body works and will serve them best.

Having a background working in the collegiate and professional sports setting I was able to obtain better strategies to help clients address pain quicker and improve limited movement in a shorter period of time.  In addition I have also acquired specialized training working with the spine to help with common setbacks in life such as low back and neck pain.

At Human Function and Performance we have created an environment where patients get better faster and achieve lasting improvements, all with less time spent in the clinic and more time performing the activities they love.


  • Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology, Angelo State University 2004

  • Master of Physical Therapy & Athletic Training, Texas Tech University 2008

  • University of Texas at Austin Strength & Conditioning Internship 2008

  • NFL - Jacksonville Jaguars Seasonal Internship 2009

  • USL Pro Soccer - Los Angeles Blues Soccer Athletic Training 2010



Coach "Maddog" Madden

Jeff Madden

From nationally recognized strength and conditioning coach to President of the Collegiate Strength and Conditioning Coaches Association, Coach Madden has gained significant recognition as a coach and leader.  In 2022 Coach Madden was inducted as a Legend in the Field of Strength and Conditioning.

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Your Therapist.

Sheldon is a physical therapist and consultant in the health and fitness industry for over 16 years helping business professionals, athletes, and entrepreneurs that want to optimize their performance while maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  He currently uses his experience in physical therapy, athletic training, and sports performance to help individuals improve functional movement and eliminate areas of pain that may be holding someone back from living the life they want to live.

Sheldon also incorporates consulting in nutrition for those interested in improving their functional status, boosting their immunity and preventing long-term health issues where medication is required.

Sheldon has trained with multiple organizations such as the NCAA, NFL, and professional soccer to learn the best framework possible when helping active individuals achieve their desired results.  He also has extensive training in spinal care such as low back, thoracic, and neck pain and is focused on bringing your body back to life! 



Degree - Athletic Training
University Name - Texas Tech

 Masters of Athletic Training


Degree - Physical Therapy
University Name - Texas Tech

Masters of Physical Therapy


Degree - Kinesiology
University Name - Angelo State

Bachelor of Science - Kinesiology

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