Physical Therapy Dallas Texas
Dr. John Earls, Physica Therapist in Dallas Texas

As Founder and Owner of Human Function and Performance, I have made it my life's purpose to redefine the way physical therapy is approached in the Dallas, Texas region. When I first moved from the Northeast to Dallas I immediately knew this city was the place I would call home. However, there was a major problem. Physical therapy as a profession was decades behind what I was used too. Rather than seek out a physical therapist to help uncover root causes of pain, physical therapy was focused on relieving symptoms. Getting rid of pain is important, but understanding why it develops in the first place is most important. I have made it my mission to help patients, athletes, clients and anyone who is interested, understand how their body truly works. That way, they can take back control over how they feel. It is common for individuals to get stuck going from Doctor to Doctor receiving a short term pain fix, with no strategies for creating long term change. At Human Function and Performance we have created an environment where patients get better faster and achieve lasting improvements, all with less time spent in the clinic and more time performing the activities they love.


-John Earls PT, DPT

  • B.S. Exercise and Movement Science, University of Vermont

  • Doctorate of Physical Therapy, University of Vermont