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Coronavirus Accommodation

We are reopening to in-person visits on 4/27/2020 with stringent health and safety protocols. See below for details.

Online Appointment Scheduling

We are accepting new patients for Online Appointments via laptop or mobile device video conferencing. Book your first appointment right online or give us a call at (469)626-7254

Your insurance may cover a portion or all of the cost of an e-Visit. Click below to verify your benefits.

  • Online (virtual) appointments are a great option for reviewing symptoms, prescribing interventions and reviewing exercise performance.

  • Several Insurance providers have agreed to cover the full cost of e-Visits (having waived deductibles and coinsurance). To see if you are 100% covered, submit your insurance information to be verified by clicking the red button

  • For current or new patients who have lost their income due to the Coronavirus, Telehealth visits will be provided free of charge throughout the duration of this pandemic.

I was surprised at how well the virtual visit worked. John was able to assess my performance of previously prescribed exercises, help me make adjustments to form, and help adjust and progress exercises using the minimal equipment I had available at home. Great to be able to continue therapy during this time.

~David F.

In-Person Safety Measures

  • Clinic volume will remain at one patient and one physical therapist inside the space per hour.

  • Patients and staff must wash hands prior to the start of each treatment.

  • Masks will be worn by staff and patients during appointments.

  • High Risk patients are encouraged to utilize Online Appointments.

  • With these measures and the very low volume model that Human Function and Performance utilizes to maximize patient care, we are confident the Coronavirus will not be transmitted within our clinic walls.

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