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Personal Trainer Stretching Session


UNLOCKED Move is a holistic and innovative approach to enhancing physical well-being by systematically restoring mobility, flexibility, strength, and balance. Rooted in a profound understanding of the body's intricacies, the program revolves around the core basis of an individual's hand dominance pattern, recognizing the nuanced ways in which the body naturally moves and engages.


Each aspect of our movement, performance, and recovery packages represents a meticulously crafted hybrid designed to elevate training standards for athletes at the NCAA and NFL levels. Our team of experts holds certifications in physical therapy, athletic training, certified strength and conditioning specialist (CSCS), functional movement specialist, Under Armour Combine 360, Grays Institute of Functional Movement, and Biohacking Collective with Dave Asprey, ensuring a comprehensive and cutting-edge approach to athletic development.

Fit Girl
After Training
After Training


This Black Friday, invest in your long-term well-being with our Recovery Optimization Bundle. Tailored for those who have achieved their physical goals or are on their way, this pack emphasizes recovery strategies to speed up results and maintain them over time.

Enjoy the benefits of targeted recovery devices, stress-relief techniques, and expert guidance to ensure your progress is not only swift but sustainable. Say goodbye to setbacks and hello to a resilient and thriving you.

Dance Rehearsal


The methodology of UNLOCKED Move delves into the layers of the body, addressing specific anatomical and physiological considerations to promote a comprehensive restoration of physical capabilities. By integrating the principles of physics and the laws of nature, the program emphasizes a harmonious alignment with the body's inherent mechanics.

Furthermore, UNLOCKED Move incorporates a three-dimensional perspective by considering the three planes of motion – sagittal, frontal, and transverse. This multi-dimensional approach ensures a well-rounded enhancement of movement patterns, fostering a balanced and adaptable physicality.

Whether seeking to overcome limitations, recover from injuries, or simply optimize overall health, UNLOCKED Move provides a structured and informed pathway to unlock the body's full potential. Grounded in scientific principles and a deep understanding of human kinetics, this approach offers a unique and effective way to cultivate lasting improvements in mobility, flexibility, strength, and balance.

Running Athletic Women
Athletic Woman
Dance Choreographer


In designing a performance training program, practitioners in performance physical therapy focus on addressing joint mobility to facilitate a full range of motion and muscle flexibility to prevent injuries and improve overall function. The three planes of motion—sagittal (forward and backward), frontal (side-to-side), and transverse (rotational)—are carefully considered to create a well-rounded and functional training regimen. This approach ensures that athletes and individuals develop strength and flexibility across all dimensions, promoting balanced and efficient movement patterns.


Moreover, performance physical therapy integrates nutritional factors into the equation, recognizing the significant impact of diet on physical outcomes. Proper nutrition is acknowledged as a crucial component in achieving optimal performance, as it influences energy levels, muscle recovery, and overall well-being. The incorporation of a well-balanced diet into the training program enhances the body's ability to adapt, recover, and perform at its peak.


In essence, performance physical therapy goes beyond traditional rehabilitation by not only addressing existing injuries but also proactively optimizing physical function. By emphasizing joint mobility, muscle flexibility, considering the three planes of motion, and incorporating nutritional factors, this approach aims to empower individuals to reach their highest athletic potential while minimizing the risk of injuries.

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Enjoy the benefits of targeted recovery devices, stress-relief techniques, and expert guidance to ensure your progress is not only swift but sustainable. Say goodbye to setbacks and hello to a resilient and thriving you.

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