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Sergio R.

I tore an abdominal muscle playing soccer a little over a month ago. That same day I reached out to Sheldon and he received me at his practice within hours. Having plaid many sports throughout my life, I have suffered many injuries, which have also led to several physical therapy sessions. With this experience I can confidently say that Sheldon is a fantastic physical therapist. He's not only very knowledgeable and up-to-date with the science, but he's also a great person that cared about me getting better. I would highly recommend anyone looking for physical therapy to work with Sheldon, your body will be thankful.

Randy O.

For several years I suffered with frequent lower back, leg and hip pain, with little relief from chiropractic and other treatments. I had sought treatment from Human Function and Performance in the past with great results. Early this year, the pain returned, and I contacted Sheldon Sonnenberg to look into repeating the treatment. Sheldon was terrific! Easy to schedule and keep up with appointments. His professional approach and time spent explaining to me what was going on and what would need to be done were very thorough and easy to understand. After just a few weeks of treatment I was already feeling better, and am now living virtually pain-free again. This was another great experience with Human Function and Performance. I highly recommend Sheldon!

Alissa W.

"I appreciated the time Dr. John took to listen to all of my issues and questions in order to tailor exercises to target my needs. I feel great and can’t wait to get back into running pain free!"

Junji S.

So happy I found Dr. Earls! Instead of constantly treating my back pain at a chiropractor, he found the cause of why my body was moving incorrectly and causing the pain. He came up with a weekly plan to correct my movements and my back feels great now. It was hard work but the best investment I've made in myself. Highly recommend.

Ben A.

"John is a very professional, extremely knowledgeable Physical Therapist. He is a fine young man who has a passion for using his expertise to make a difference in people's lives. John developed and guided me through a therapy program that significantly increased my mobility and balance. He has been a pleasure to work with, I recommend him highly."

Chris G.

I had a pretty severe bulged disc in my lower back, and I was looking for alternatives to surgery. After finding John online and going in for a consult, I decided to move forward with a treatment plan. John truly understands how the body works, and he encouraged me to continue doing CrossFit, but more importantly, he showed me how to do it safely. We focused on a combination of form, mobility, and strength in order to take pressure off my lower back. Thanks to John, I’m back in the gym and my lower back is feeling great!

Leah A.

I’ve struggled with various running related injuries for several years and went through a number of physical therapy cycles. Most of the PTs seemed to target the injury/painful area and never looked at the body comprehensively, which is why I think my injuries continued. After 4 sessions with Dr. Earls I was able to start running again. I can honestly say that he has been by far the most knowledgeable PT I’ve seen, and he does assess the total body. He spends the entire session with you one on one which I can almost guarantee you won’t find in any other clinic settings. After 10 sessions with him I’m 100% and feel confident that even if I do have minor flare ups in the future that he has given me the knowledge to be able to address them before they become an issue. Would definitely recommend!

Tori V.

"John's methods of teaching postural restoration are effective and fun. He teaches in such a way that each exercise is clear, goals are attainable and the results speak for themselves. He roots for you every step of the way. I am now able to live my life pain free and enjoy all the activities I love. Thank you John for giving me the ability and skills to be strong and live life to the fullest!"

Ruth S.

"As a client of Dr. John Earls, I have experienced his professionalism, good humor, empathy and intelligence.  His knowledgeable recommendations are helping me pursue my goals toward postural restoration."

Online Appointment Experiences

I was surprised at how well the virtual visit worked. John was able to assess my performance of previously prescribed exercises, help me make adjustments to form, and help adjust and progress exercises using the minimal equipment I had available at home. Great to be able to continue therapy during this time.

~David F.

Online appt anchor

I was a little apprehensive about the e-Visit. I wasn't quite sure the effectiveness of an e-visit, but I thought hey its better than nothing. It was great! I was surprised how you were able to adjust my exercise form using FaceTime. It was greatly beneficial that you were able to see me perrofmr my exercises at home, using the equipment I had available and helping me make modifications. The adjustments made during the e-visit have provided a better therapy experience and given me more confidence performing me therapy exercises at home. I look forward to our next session. My hip has gotten better and I am not limited during my exercise routine. Thanks again, I am very grateful for your help getting me past my injury.


I was impressed with the ease and thoroughness that could be accomplished through the e-Visit. It made me feel like I could continue to progress towards my goals in these uncertain times.

~Rebbi M.

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