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Physical Therapy Dallas Texas

HFAP Principles

1. One-on-One Care

That means you and a Doctor of Physical Therapy getting to the bottom of the dysfunction you are experiencing and coming up with a logical plan to fix it. No hand-offs, no unsupervised treatment.

2. Understanding

We spend the necessary time to come to a complete understanding of your situation; this maximizes the results we will achieve. Our assessment examines the entire body in order to understand all contributing factors to your situation.

3. Customer Service 

If you've got a problem, we have a solution. Our experts provide long term solutions, not a temporary fix. We offer superior physical therapy services in an environment dedicated to health and fitness.

Postural Restoration Institute

We are proud to bring the knowledge and skills developed by the Postural Restoration Institute to the Dallas area. PRI is a comprehensive approach to physical rehabilitation that recognizes the interplay of your entire body and its influence on pain and dysfunction. PRI educated clinicians utilize a holistic assessment to identify inappropriate movement patterns that lead to stress and strain on the body. Through manual and exercise techniques, the body is then restored to normal function.

PRI has been adopted by numerous professional sports teams all over the world for its remarkably in-depth knowledge of the human system, and its ability to make positive change where others fall short. For more information, feel free to contact us directly.

Effective and Cost Effective

Individualized Physical Therapy comparable to surgical outcomes, without the risks!

Costs decrease substantially when Back Pain Treatment begins with Physical Therapy!

-As musculoskeletal experts, HFAP clinicians are your best choice for relieving musculoskeletal pain.

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Don't see yours? Check our Youtube channel or request the link from your physical therapist.

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