Employment Opportunities

Thank you for considering Human Function and Performance as your future place of employment. In order to determine if this is truly the right place for you, please review our mission and vision statements. If you have questions, reach out to us at John@HumanFunctionandPerformance.com.



Mission Statement:

Human Function and Performance will do what is best for patients by offering the most innovative, effective and up to date physical medicine services to the community in which it serves. Through compassionate understanding, outstanding customer service, and high value interventions, HFP will improve the physical well-being of all clients.


Vision Statement:

Physical therapy as a profession is desperately in need of an identity. HFP will solve this problem by publicly and privately advocating for high value care, national reporting of outcomes, and education to clients, community members, and other HCP’s. As a company, HFP will be regarded as an authority in the bio-psycho-social model to the physical rehabilitation and physical preparation community.

We are not currently seeking new individuals to join out team.

To submit your resume to be considered for present and future job openings please email your resume and cover letter to John@HumanFunctionandPerformance.com

Current Opportunities