With the goal of getting you out of pain and back to doing the activities that you love, we offer the following services:

Physical Therapy

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Pain and limitation are common, but they are not normal. Get back to the activities you love with a customized physical therapy program.

  • Our professionally trained Physical Therapists see patients one on one for an hour for all appointments.

  • Head to toe movement assessment to determine all contributing limitations.

  • Detailed home programs (with video instruction) to save you the time and money of going to the clinic.

Physical Therapy Session

Active Recovery (ARx)

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Body not responding to training the way you want it to? Get out of pain today and train tomorrow.

  • 60 minutes with a Physical Therapist (injury screen, dry needling, corrective exercise).

  • Pain reduction methods to ease the pain and find the source.

  • These cost effective treatments are the fastest way to get out of pain and return to activity.

Sports Injury

Online Functional Fitness Coaching

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Just got out of pain and want to stay that way? Tired of recurring injuries from unstructured programs that don't accommodate your body? Or do you just want to look and feel better while working out from home?


  • Set up fully individualized coaching and programming to meet your functional needs.

  • On your time, with your equipment, moving toward the goals you have made.

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