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3 Ways To Avoid New Injuries While Maintaining Your Fitness Routine

Working out shouldn't lead to your next should lead to feeling better. Instead of going into your next fitness endeavor afraid of injury focus on these 3 things instead ⬇️


Most injuries, pain, and discomfort can simply be avoided just by spending a few extra minutes warming up. As simple as it sounds the warm-up does exactly what it says, it warms the muscles and joints up for increased movement. This allows more movement without potential for injury even if your body is out of alignment or stiff. It's time to prioritize the warm-up so that you can move pain-free.


Increasing the intensity of your workout is great for progression but not if it's a new movement or exercise your body isn't used to. If your body isn't able to match the intensity or load you put on it then movement can only occur uncontrolled and thus lead to injury. You're better off stacking your more intense exercises toward the end after you've given the body a chance to warm-up and have improved blood flow to the desired area.


The speed of movement in relation to injury is determined by the quality of your control. The faster you move an object either away from your body or toward will determine the impact your body experiences. If looking to focus on increased speed of movement, try performing a couple sets at a lower pace to allow the body to warm up into the motion before hitting the "go" button.

Don’t let the fear of creating a new injury keep you from living the life you could live.


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