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Do you struggle to stay motivated with your fitness routine?!

Participating in team and group activities is a great way to overcome any hesitancy for 3 main reasons.

  1. Peer Support: With a group of friends around you there’s always a stronger pull to show up and participate at a higher level than when doing physical activity alone.

  2. Energy: Having more people surrounding you brings more energy and more excitement which allows you to give a stronger effort.

  3. Experience: It’s always more fun with a group. Life is about the experiences we participate in and the people who surround us that can relate with what we’re going through.

You’re not alone when it comes to the constant challenges of staying motivated to keep moving forward. Sometimes we have to take the focus off ourselves and show up for other people. It’s easier to give up on ourselves than it is to give up on someone else. Take the group fitness challenge and experience what this change can do for you!

Just remember, if you move better, you live better!

Human Function and Performance


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