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Frozen Shoulder? What to Expect ⤵️

Frozen Shoulder? What to Expect ⤵️

Some diagnosis’ can be general without great explanation but in this case if you experience restricted AROM with lifting the arm not only due to pain but also stiffness or tightness at the shoulder then more than likely there is shoulder capsule involvement or the fancy term - Adhesive Capsulitis, also known as “Frozen Shoulder”

Depending on the mechanism of injury, how you hurt it, this will often help give a clearer answer to the structures involved and best treatment moving forward.

A common area of irritation other than the capsule is the biceps tendon and deltoid muscles. Other than experiencing a fall with an outstretch arm or quick pull to the arm, just reaching behind your back can irritate the site.

If the pain continues into the biceps and deltoid muscle this lets you know the tendon is involved due to it’s insertion into the capsule but also it’s relationship with the axillary nerve that innervates the anterior/inferior part of the shoulder capsule and deltoid muscles, thus the referred pain.

Simple treatment methods will consist of mobility, relaxation, and alignment techniques to help restore soft tissue movement and proper positioning to avoid consistent irritation or compression.


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