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Healthcare: How To Use It ⤵️

Do you consider your healthcare a process or a system?

Are you in a routine of going with the flow or are you actually being intentional with your "health care"?

It’s kinda like checkers vs. chess. You’re either putting out fires or living life with strategy!

Most people are taught just to go off of their symptoms and then proceed to wait until it’s truly painful or an issue go get it checked out 🏁 checkmate! But usually by this point the damage is done. And sometimes certain functions may not fully return.

Having a healthcare plan and a system in place requires a team. Whether it’s your ability to move, how you perform, and your method of recovery, there are many pieces to address.

That being said it’s important that you’re open to exploring because each one serves it’s own purpose.

You may consider various treatments such as massage, physical therapy or chiropractic but don’t count out other activities such as yoga, exercise, or the gym not being part of the treatment method.

Conditions will continue to change throughout life so your method of care will change as well. This may redirect your focus and intention depending on the result you’re looking for at the time.

Understanding your “health care” is a system and not a process “healthcare” is vital to the results you get. It’s time to shift to a mindset understanding that taking care of the human body is dynamic and ever changing vs treating it like you would you car with occasional checkups or check-ins. There’s more to it!

Our bodies are not automated like the business world with the flip of a switch but can move that direction if you treat it like an ecosystem that is continually changing. Giving your body attention and keeping it in great shape will have flip the switches for you.


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