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How To Overcome The Psychological Effects Of Injury

How To Overcome The Psychological Effects Of Injury ⤵️

The psychological aspect of injury recovery is often overlooked, but can be one of the most difficult aspects to overcome. It's like having a mental block that stops you from progressing or achieving your goals. Fear of re-injury, lack of confidence, or even depression can all hinder our progress.

As physical therapists, we understand the challenges that injury can bring. We also understand the importance of psychological well-being when it comes to injury recovery, and returning to physical activity.

We use a variety of techniques to help patients address these issues and get back on track. This includes goal setting, education and reassurance, support networks, and other tools to help build confidence in rehabilitating an injury or condition.

It's important that injury recovery is approached holistically - mentally as well as physically. Physical therapy has a big role to play in this regard, with exercise being one of the biggest tools at our disposal for making progress. Exercise releases endorphins which can make us feel better mentally, while increasing strength and mobility physically.

stand how to help people achieve the best possible physical recovery. But sometimes, it's important to go even further and address the mental block that injury can create.

We have seen firsthand how exercise can help injury sufferers overcome their psychological barriers. That is why we often recommend activities such as yoga or Pilates, which are both beneficial in helping.

If you’re looking to gain further clarity on your next steps and what’s appropriate for you connect with us here at Human Function and Performance. We’re invested in you, your health, and your return to play.


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