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Not Sure Where To Start With Your New Years Resolutions This Year?!

Trying to decide where to start for your fitness routine in the upcoming new year can be challenging! Whether it's to lose weight, increase lean muscle mass, or just be the best version of yourself you can be the question always comes down to where do I even start?!

This year, instead of jumping into the same routine you do every time, it might be best to start with asking yourself what keeps me from achieving the result I want each year when I start this journey? Often we are so eager to get the result that we overlook the obstacles that keep getting in the way.

Let's take weight loss for example since this is a common goal. It's usually not that someone doesn't have the motivation or intention to lose the weight. They either get busy with life or work related activities that get in the way, they may experience an injury from training at higher levels of intensity than they're used to, or may even struggle to get a consistent diet down that fits their lifestyle's needs.

Either way trying to figure out the best and quickest game plan to achieving your goals isn't always the best decision we can make. If it was we would have already made it by now! Sometimes having a coach or mentor who can show you a simpler move or strategy will save you the time and frustration which takes the stress off of you. Here at Human Function and Performance we take a full body approach and tailor your needs to the lifestyle you want to live.

It's time to invest in yourself. You're behind the steering wheel!

Let us know how we can help you display the best version of YOU! (469)626-7254


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