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BACK To Working Out?

BACK to working out?!

Keeping a flat back is ideal when bending over to pick up a weight to keep the spine in a neutral position but it realistically doesn’t always happen.

So what gives?

The hips and rib cage usually. If you don’t have the motion to move within the main joints then you’ll soon find other areas to compensate thus rotating and compressing the spine. The movement will occur just in other areas of the body that you don't want to. And if it doesn't that's when compression, pain, and even injury can occur.

On average most people present with 20-25 degrees of hip internal rotation…the textbook normal is 45 degrees. Even though we can function well without the full range of motion doesn't mean the other parts of your body can't. Don’t let the mobility exercises bore you. The exercises post back surgery are even less exciting…

With better joint motion it’s easier for you to activate your muscles, find better strength, and experience less pain. Your movement is the key to life. Without it, you’re not going very far.


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