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Do You Drink Coffee?!

Do You Drink Coffee?!

Ever craved something that wakes you up, shakes you gently, and says, "Today's going to be amazing?" Well, you're in the right place!

Welcome to PureCafe ☕️

Where Every Sip Transforms & Brightens Your Day


A premium instant coffee with added cordyceps is designed to delight your senses and give you an energy boost throughout the day. With each sip, you can experience the invigorating essence of cordyceps and harness the energy of the earth. Available in two distinct flavors: Black Coffee and Cream & Caramel Coffee.


  • Coffee Lovers who appreciate premium coffee and value the potential health benefits associated with cordyceps.

  • Health-Conscious Consumers who prioritize health and wellness.

  • Busy Professionals with a fast-paced lifestyle looking for a convenient and quick coffee option that also provides an energy boost. Athletes and Fitness Enthusiasts engaged in physical activities seeking an energy-boosting beverage that aligns with their fitness goals.

Premium Quality

For about a buck a cup, your 50-day supply of PureCafé is a testament to our belief that luxury and health should be accessible and affordable. Quality has never been so cost-effective. It’s like getting the coffee for FREE and only paying for the power of Cordyceps.

Economical Indulgence

For about a buck a cup, why not unlock a moment of luxury; your sample pack supply of PureCafé is affordable making each serving save you money, and enjoy the benefits. It’s our commitment to make luxury coffee accessible every day.

Invest in Health

With PureCafé, your investment stretches beyond exceptional flavor—it’s a daily dose of wellness with every sip. Our blend with Cordyceps infuses your routine with health benefits that far outweigh the price.


1. Tear one packet2. Pour coffee into an empty cup 3. Add 4-6 fl. Oz. of hot water4. Mix well5. Enjoy the coffee


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