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Don’t let your swing take you off course!

Is Your Drive Taking You Off Course?

This is commonly known at the "slice" or the "hook", or maybe even just a bad shot! Either way it's not good. My goal is to simplify it for you though.

When going through your swing there are 3 main areas to look at that can being throwing you out of alignment. Everyone will have their own style of swing but if you can master the alignment issues, you'll perfect that swing.

The 3 main areas that'll tend to tighten or lock up on you are the ankles, hips, and rib cage. As you'll notice, going through a golf swing is a full body movement. So in order to define which areas aren't moving like they should we must first break down the movement pattern, which you call the "bad swing".

Let's start with 2 of the main areas. In this picture you'll notice I'm working on upper body rotation. But even with my hips and knees slightly bent I'm able still getting some counter movement at the pelvis, hips, knees, and ankles.

Now let's get more defined. We're going to go into half kneeling. This will lock out the hips and ankles so we can look to assess just upper body rotation. You'll want to assess with both legs and also with trunk rotation in both directions. The goal here if for you to recognize limitation in the movements in each direction so that you can get more clear in which areas are not opening up as well.

Know that the body moves as a whole and whichever joints aren’t up to par will throw off the aim. Working on your swing is important, but sometimes you have to tee up the body before teeing up the ball!


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