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Still Running With Pain Or Limited Strength In The Ankle?

You may want to consider what’s keeping your ankle out of alignment before trying to strengthen into a restricted motion.

The typical pattern for the non-dominate foot is to supinate with a higher arch while the dominate side tends to pronate and abduct, turn to the outside.

As a runner, your movement is limited to 1 of 3 planes of motion most often and favors this pattern. Thus not only is the ankle offset but the fibula (outter bone) will shift to offset the forces.

Getting the ankle opened up is your first step, followed with soft tissue (muscle) relaxation and a fascial release.

Think of the body in layers. If your body was a tall building and all the floors were positioned offset at different angles, more than likely your ability to go up the stairs of even take an elevator would be difficult or impossible. This is how your nervous system and muscles are responding to your alignment.

Getting the joints aligned will position you for strength and allow your ability to move to become more dynamic.


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