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Taking Fitness Seriously

For many of you, this may be the first time, or first time in a long time, that you are taking your fitness seriously. This pandemic is changing how we view ourselves and how we get our activity in. You may be used to walking up and down the halls at work, hitting the stairs whenever you have a chance and getting 5 to 10 thousand steps in a day no problem. Now with the stay at home order it's hard to get the same amount of activity and abide by the government's guidelines.

If you are getting into a new form of exercise, then you need to be aware of 3 things.

1) Consistency is #1.

If you do a light workout 7 days a week for 8 weeks you will see way better results than someone who murders themselves on the peloton 3 times(ish) a week for the same 8 weeks. Straight up, your body needs to adapt. It needs to change. And it will! You just need to stay consistent. Some days the motivation won't be high but there are ways around that. One great option is to get a coach. If you are strapped for cash like many of us are, follow a trainer you like and absorb their free social media workouts.

2) Pain is not your enemy.

If you start something new, there will always be resistance. Your body will adapt and change, but it may not be happy about it. If you are getting sore from workouts, dial back on the intensity if you can. If you feel like you are already doing the bear minimum, then reach out and get help. We are currently helping dozens of people just like yourself get past pain and limitation so they can exercise and not worry about pain getting worse. In addition to getting better and getting fit, your insurance may cover most or all of the cost of treatment. To verify your benefits and see if your insurance company will pay for you to get better, submit your policy info here.

3) Fitness is not the same for everyone.

You don't have to aspire to be knocking out pull-ups in the park, running marathons with a smile on your face, or maxing out deadlifts and bench press. The honest truth is that fitness is a very personal journey. You establish a goal for YOURSELF, and YOU work toward it. The journey has its ups and downs, but at each milestone, after each goal you achieve, you will feel and be better. Set a reasonable goal for yourself. My favorite starter goal is a consistency goal. "I'm going to do x everyday this week." Boom, you nail that goal and you're officially a fitness enthusiast.

To summarize, go out and get after it. Be smart about it though. If you don't know what to do or don't believe you'll be accountable, get a coach. I know the best personal trainers in Dallas and they work with clients locally and all over the country. Send me an email ( and I'll connect you. If you get hurt or recurring pain and limitation are holding you back, don't stand for that. We can assess what your body is doing to create pain and establish a treatment program that resolves your issue via an Online Evaluation. To schedule an appointment, simply follow this link and schedule an Online Appointment (First Visit).

Once this is all over you are going to feel incredible knowing you changed your life for the better during a crisis!


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