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Weirdos Meditate

Weird rich people that is.

Many famous and powerful people claim to carve out a time during their day to take their psyche down a notch and meditate. Jerry Seinfeld, Ray Dalio, Tony Robbins, Paul McCartney Clint Eastwood, Bobby Axelrod from Billions! Awesome show if you haven't watched it its worth purchasing showtime for a month to binge watch all the seasons. If you’ve never tried it, it seems like a waste of time, if you’ve tried it once or 5 times you know it’s a waste of time. So why do so many people do it?

The benefits of meditation are explored here and here and check out this reference if you need a quick and dirty of how to start, but rarely do you read an opinion or article and think WOW I need to meditate! That’s because there are no "AH HA! That’s what everyone is talking about" moments with meditation. Instead, meditation allows you the opportunity to set aside the burden of a demanding world and relieve yourself of your worries. These effects are not confined to the 5 minutes spent with your eyes closed and a beach soundtrack playing quietly in the background. Instead, after you are able to reach a feeling of reduced worry, you begin to realize that the constructs our lives, are just that; constructed. And we have the means and opportunity to take ourselves in any direction we please. You may not be able to quit your job today and move to Figi, but it is humanly possible.

Meditation allows you to spend time thinking about nothing but yourself. Your not meant to peruse your catalog of responsibilities, accomplishments, schedule or anything else your life has constructed for you. Rather, you are seeking to feel and understand what it is to be you, and just you. To try and bring this back from a smoky room in Southern California, you are looking to let go of everything, even for just a minute, to see the reality of your situation and feel the separation it actually has from you. There is no other time that truly accomplishes this. Exercise is great and can be like meditation, but the mind still has a glorious job to do of pushing that extra mile or getting that swole!

Don’t just try it out, commit to meditation. Every day. At least once. 5-10 minutes. Once you’ve felt the release, you’ll be hooked. And maybe even a billionaire like Ray Dalio.

Oh ya, and if you think meditating is weird, I have news for you. You are weird. So isn't everyone else. But not everyone else is willing to do what other's wont, to have what other's don't.


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