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What’s Your Ideal Way To Cross Train?

Cross training refers to mixing up your workout routine. For example, instead of always running and only working out certain muscle groups or staying in one plane of motion you mix it up and maybe one day do bodyweight or weight training.

But what if you took it one step further…and cross trained yourself. What if you not only mixed up the planes you worked out in but also the body parts you used making sure to connect the upper and lower body in a cross pattern.

Even though you may not realize these muscles are co-contracting during your run or daily routine, they’re working harder than you think. Whereas certain muscles don’t contract as much during a specific movement they’re still somewhat active to help provide stability to the part of the body that isn’t going through the motion.

When you start working on cross patterns that connect the opposite arm and leg along with the core then cross training starts to become real. Not only are you mixing up your workouts but you're getting your body to activate in multiple ways to support your functional movement.

Start cross training now to make the transitions on your body easier later!


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