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"We help active people and athletes overcome pain, lower risk of injury, and improve performance so they can enjoy their lives without restriction."  

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Chris G.

"I had a pretty severe bulged disc in my lower back, and I was looking for alternatives to surgery. After finding John online and going in for a consult, I decided to move forward with a treatment plan. John truly understands how the body works, and he encouraged me to continue doing CrossFit, but more importantly, he showed me how to do it safely. We focused on a combination of form, mobility, and strength in order to take pressure off my lower back. Thanks to John, I’m back in the gym and my lower back is feeling great!"

Mary C.

Dr. John Earls is the best! My trainer, Carissa Nickel, suggested I go see John after I kept having the same nagging issues with my hip and knee. Best advice ever! He helped me to understand why I was having pain and then worked with me over the course of two months to stabilize and strengthen my left side so that the pain would go away. Because he wanted me to have a long term solution, he spent time teaching me how to achieve what I needed to stay strong and healthy. He's also a very nice guy.

Whitney Y.

I have been suffering from lower back pain for years! I have a L4/L5 mild disc herniation and Johnny was the first physical therapist to pin point exactly how my body was over compensating. He put together a performance plan and I love that there are measurable results. He is very knowledgeable and even gave me homework to ensure I continue to progress in between appointments. I can’t wait to get back to my optimal performance to be able to participate in activities that I love!

How it works

1. Identify all contributing factors that are causing your pain.

2. Relieve your pain and movement restrictions, allowing you to move normally.

3. Retrain your movement patterns to prevent pain from coming back.

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