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Does Your Pain Indicate How Old You Are?!

Does Your Pain Indicate How Old You Are?!

A common question is does our pain indicate how old we are?

Aging vs. Pain

➡️ Alignment

The simplest approach is to keep moving. Finding ways to keep joint mobility and alignment on both sides of the body is the strategy. With up to 350 joints in the body there are a lot of moving pieces that can suddenly stop if not maintained. It’s kind of like your car, are you keeping the joints lubricated or waiting for them to rust and have them replaced. Joint replacements should be the last resort.

➡️ Cellular Health

With over 30 trillion cells in the body, these are the repair engines to how you body functions. Wear and tear such as poor diet, lack of detoxification, and limited nutrients will lead to destruction faster. Around age 30 this speeds up and the ship starts to sink if not you let it. First things to appear are signs such as fatigue, stiffness and poor sleep. Then symptoms of pain, inflammation, and lack of movement sets in. Side note: medication over the counter or prescribed speeds up mitochondrial dysfunction lowering cell function and energy production so masking the symptoms only makes it worse over time.

➡️ Nerve Activation

This one may seem difficult at first but the more aware you become over time and in-tune with your body it’s actually not that hard. We have 2 systems in control. The sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system. Sympathetic activates our fight or flight response releasing cortisol whereas the Parasympathetic deactivates it allowing us to calm down such as when resting or digesting food. Limiting the amount of activators in your day such as repeated stressors, blue light, EMFs, exercise and drinks/foods will allow you strategize how you feel. The more activated your nervous system is the more pain you experience. Nerves run a different speeds in the body. As you age and limit your ability to activate the other nerve fibers the pain fibers could feel stronger or more frequent.

While there are many factors to consider, pain and aging are correlated but can be controlled with proper attention. Don’t just accept pain as part of aging, accept that aging is living life and the more attention you give your body the less pain you’ll experience.


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