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How to Achieve Your Fitness Goals in 2021

An open letter to all those willing to listen:

To the HFP Community,

Well, we made it. 2020 was easily the weirdest year of our lives, and we’re guessing you feel the same way too. But today brings a new day, a new year, and a chance to get better and be better from the very start. An opportunity to achieve your fitness goals that quarantine brought a screeching halt to. To lose those last 10 pounds, to run a marathon, to Rx your favorite WOD, to squat pain-free. Whatever your goal may be, there is only one important thing that you need: a willingness to actually work hard towards achieving it.

We initially thought a good idea for this blog would be to write a bunch of different tips and tricks to help get you all on the right path to start this year. But the more stuff we thought of, the more we realized none of that shit really matters. There is no magic routine to abide by so you never miss a day of workouts. There is no special guru to follow that has all the advice you seek. There are no “life hacks” that will let you skip ahead to the end without the work. Real life doesn’t come with a Bugs Bunny offering some of Michael’s Secret Stuff.

The greatest fallacy in our current world is the belief that anything other than hard work and consistent effort will lead to success. There is nothing that will help you more than just giving it your very best every chance you get. As the saying goes, “anything in life worth doing is worth overdoing.”

Having the right people in your corner and supporting you certainly makes it all the more rewarding. If you’re ready to put in the hard work to achieve your fitness goals but need some help on knowing where to start, you know where to find us.


The Gym Docs


Dana Reyes
Dana Reyes
Aug 31, 2021

Thanks for sharing this

Unknown member
Sep 01, 2021
Replying to

You’re welcome!

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