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Nothing Works for Me

If that is something you've said, you are most definitely not alone. Let me guess, something started hurting and you ignored it, rolled it out and kept on training. Then it seemed to get better. This happened a few times before you noticed you were talking to people about it often and someone said you need to go see "X". "X" put you through some tests and strapped you to some machines. The machines seemed to make it feel better and the exercises you did seem to make sense but you don't want to do them forever and inevitably that pain, or a new one, comes back. After going to see "X, Y, and Z" you have come to the logical conclusion: "Nothing works for me."

I've been there. I know the exact feeling. I also know what does help people like you. At the very least you need to have full control over how your body feels. If training, work, or life tick your body off, you need an answer to calm things down. One that doesn't involve dropping $60-$100 every time a pain point pops up. You need a solution to pain that is not temporary and done at an office, but long lasting and performed at home.

The answer to your problem is simple really. Eliminate the stress and strain on your body with simple, easy to perform at home exercise. Your first objection should be, but I already do exercise. If it is, you are the ideal person to capitalize on this form of treatment. The reason why you are ideal is because you have already experienced the dramatic positive effects that stressing the body through exercise can achieve. Now what if you had the right exercise? What if you were able to identify what exactly it is that your body doesn't like to do that creates pain throughout your body? Would you attack your limitations with the same vigor you have during spin, barre, pilates, weightlifting or running? Would you take ownership over how your body is supposed to feel and make physical changes for the better?

If the answer is yes, the process is simple.

1) Schedule and evaluation with a Performance Physical Therapist.

-In just one hour you can come to an understanding of exactly what it is your body is doing that is creating pain. More importantly, you can begin a training regiment to permanently resolve the senseless pain that keeps popping up.

2) Follow the program.

-4, 6, maybe 8 weeks of 20-30 minutes per day of exercises designed to address your specific limitations. Day by day knocking pain and limitation out of your life for good.

3) Be Better.

-Not just feel better. Feeling better is a momentary state. Being better is a permanent change. You now have the knowledge required to recognize what your body does under stress. When a crazy week or two throws off your routine and things feel off, you can straighten yourself out before pain starts. You can rest easy knowing you have complete control over how your body feels.

If this sounds great but you aren't sure. Call us right now and speak directly to a Doctor of Physical Therapy (469)626-7254. We can discuss your exact situation and decide right now if you are a good candidate for Performance Physical Therapy.


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