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Unlock Antiaging and Health Excellence with Ozone Therapy

Unlock Health and Anti-Aging Excellence with Ozone Therapy

One of my new favorite Biohacks is Ozone Therapy, O3 versus O2, which is oxygen therapy.  Ozone is more direct in healing at the cellular level depending on the result you're looking for and depending on what parameters or settings are actually used. Some people have specific health issues like Lyme disease mold exposure whereas others may be just looking to detox, lose weight, or anti-aging such as skin health or just recovery from workout.

The way it works is you sit in there kind of like a wet sauna so that the steam mixes with carbon dioxide to create what's called carbonic acid to it dilate more blood vessels throughout the body.  Then you have more blood flow thus it introduces the Ozone, the O3, to expedite getting to more parts of the body.  This is where the key factors comes into play.  This connected with infrared light PEMF, pulse electric magnetic field, which goes in there and activates at the cellular membrane.  Again our cells sometimes may not be doing their job at the cellular membrane if it's not allowing nutrients to go in, or in this case ozone, or toxins and waste to go out then  you’re not actually getting the results that you’re looking for.

And that's where you're looking for is energy, immunity, and just overall the anti-aging effects that you're wanting.  So when it comes to it, ozone therapy is powerful and it's this machine that actually goes in there and activates all these systems as far as getting them activated at once that gives you the result in a lot faster manner.  So depending on the result you're looking for or depending on the actual parameters that you use determines the outcome.   You just sit in there for about 30 minutes nice and relaxed , it calms the nervous system down but at the end of the day it gets you the result you want a lot faster in a more efficient manner than when you try to do each one individually by themselves.


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