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Pain Sucks!

Updated: Jul 30, 2019

That pain is back again. It's the same pain, maybe a little more intense but right in that same spot. Why the heck does this keep happening?

This applies to the whole body but let's take the example of knee pain. If you have knee pain it is either the first time, or it has come, gone and come back again. You put up with this because you know that it will die back down again, you just have to wait.

When seen from above, the cycle of pain coming and going is crazy. When your significant other is hurt, you want them to do something about it. You feel bad. From the inside, it's just life! If you had a serious problem you would take care of it...right? From the inside, recurring pain is not that daunting because we can grow accustomed to pain. Pain can be a son-of-a-b**** or it can be a minor inconvenience. When it becomes constant and unrelenting, then we seek out help. Orthopedic surgery is big business because of this. If you are 60 and have had unrelenting knee pain for 3-5 years the surgeon will say to you, "You have arthritis but you are getting around just fine. Come back when you can't bear it anymore." If that is your future plan, I would suggest you live with that recurring pain and save yourself the next 60 seconds of reading. Who knows, when you are 60+ those knee replacements might be high-tech enough to run an ultra-marathon for you.

What can be done about it?

Well, we help people to understand why this cycle occurs. We show you what your body likes to do and what it does not like to do. That way we can balance your movements and reduce stress and strain on your body.

Being active is good for your body, but your body is not good for exercise. If it was, you wouldn't be getting recurring pain without a dramatic change in training volume. If your body would prefer to drop your right shoulder and lean on your right hip you start forming a preference. Your spine is rotating and flexing to one direction more than the other. This pattern of usage creates pain, limits our performance, and drives us crazy! As we get older we don't heal as fast, and our imbalances get stronger. Therefore, the repercussions get more aggressive. Your body is all connected, understanding how it is connected will free you from the cycle of hurt, healed, hurt again....

If you need help identifying your body's preferences and want to stop the pain cycle, contact us. If you want more information, we make are accessible via email, phone call, or a free 30-minute discovery visit to see if we are the right for you.

~Dr. John Earls PT, DPT

(469) 626-7254


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