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Plantar Fasciitis

Your running down the street and you feel something in your shoe. It's not a pebble. It's not even something solid in there. You know exactly what it is and you start thinking, "How long until I have to stop this time?"

This the worst! You just want to run. You shouldn't have to deal with this bullshit. After all, weren't we born to run? Aren't there tons of runners that are putting in twice as many miles with no issue at all? Why does this happen to you?

The truth of the matter is, your body was made to run. And run technique plays a factor in many injuries. However, the lifestyle that we have adopted as a society does not mirror our ancestral running lifestyle. Shoes, concrete, chairs, cars, trains, planes and exercise machines all place demands on our body that resist natural human mechanics to some degree. How do you identify what adaptations your body has resorted to in order to make you comfortable in today's society?

That sounds pretty vague. It could be anything right? Any behavior has demand, demand is met with adaptation. Power lifters aren't great runners and runners tend to not be the greatest power lifters. What you need is a way to assess yourself, see what is contributing to the massive amount of tension and pain in your foot, and then break the "dysfunctional patterns" of movement down.

Is this easy? Not really. Is running easy? No, not really. But can it be done? It most certainly can. Your body is changing constantly, for better or worse you create, build up, and break down adaptations every day. You can change the way your body operates, you just need to know which direction to head in.

For more info regarding how to identify issues and begin breaking down tension, check out my Youtube channel and instagram.



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